Enchanted By Sewing (podcast)
Ench By Sew-025: Restyling

This month’s show  is “ Restylin’.

It all came about when I started shaking the dreams from my hair. Restylin' is about my transition in sewing and wardrobe style . It involves looking at patterns, and working my brain around how it makes sense for clothes to fit me.

The Enchanted by Sewing Podcast is, an extension of my regular sewing blog - Me Encanta Coser, which,  roughly translated means, Enchanted By Sewing 


My blog is written in English. The name celebrates the historical and modern use of the beautiful Spanish Language in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where I live. 

This month I’m working on creating two tee shirts M6078 and V8323. The details are in these blog postings from MeEncantaCoser.blogspot.com

V8323 - Princess Seamed - Katherine Tilton Tee http://meencantacoser.blogspot.com/2014/10/princess-seamed-tee-shirt-pattern-work.html

M6078 - Retro Style Polka Dot Cowl Neck Knit top - Reminiscent of I Love Lucy http://meencantacoser.blogspot.com/2014/10/reworking-retro-style-polka-dot-tee.html


1)Pensamientos Primeros

– (Sewing) For my wardrobe’s sake (How about those red accents!)


Reworking my sewing style/methods. Pattern alteration experiences.

3)Pensamientos Finales

Transitions - Restyling  

David Crosby sang, 

“I almost cut my hair

It happened just the other day . . .”


Redefining what I want to create


* * *

Restyling has me  shaking the dreams from my hair.   That’s just one more thing that keeps me . . . 

Enchanted by Sewing.

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This month I sewed two dresses – a shirtdress for me and a fitted sleeveless bodice full shirt for my daughter. There was a lot going on emotion ‘wise for our family this month and I sewed those dresses for a siginificant family event. Creating something tangible was a way to work through those emotions.


In this September 2014 episode

 1)         Pensamientos Primero s


Entonces/Then  . . .

 2) Technicos 

How I altered a new-ONLY-to-me shirtdress pattern  to fit and flatter me

3)         Pensamientos Finales

Wrapping up Summer and  the Fun Fall Sewing Questionaire – Visit the Show Notes http://EnchantedBySewing.blogspot.com to post your responses to the questions J


Sewing up fall – whether it’s imaginary experience or creating something tangible – is one of the things that keeps me Enchanted by Sewing.


This show is

created, produced and brought to you by me! - Laurel Shimer.


THE Enchanted by Sewing PODCAST IS, An  EXTENSION OF my regular sewing blog - Me Encanta Coser, which,  roughly translated means, Enchanted By Sewing


My blog is written in English. The name celebrates the historical and modern use of the beautiful Spanish Language in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, where I live

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Ench By Sew-023: Capping off Summer, The Tapestry Cap (Technicos/Techniques)

I’ve worked on a couple of different sewing projects in August. Of the four I’ve worked on I’ve finished three - a wardrobe building elastic waist black denim skirt (like the blue one I finished in June and have been wearing so much), another semi-fitted sleeveless cotton blouse (like Amaryllis the subject of last months 'cast - I haven't post about this yet, but plan to soon) and a tapestry cap.


That cap is especially important to me. As you might have noticed in previous shows I am kind of a preacher when it comes to protecting our skin from the elements. I listened back to my shows from the last couple of months, and it seemed like I went into great detail in both ones about wearing my sun screen and a cap whenever I head out the door, whether for a walk or even a ride in the car.


I figured if it was so important to me, it was time to do an episode about the kind of skin protecting garment I’ve made a few times now, sharing the techniques and some of my inspiration.


1)         Pensamientos Primeros/First Thoughts

Why do I need to make my own caps and hats?


Wayne Wichern's Millinery is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took my first millinery class at Cañada College, from Wayne. He has a lovely private studio where he conducts further workshops and open lab. He's a wonderful man and teacher .http://meencantacoser.blogspot.com/2013/09/matters-millinery-making-my-own-hats.html


 2) Technicos/Techniques  


 How I create caps, based on the "Good Hat Day Hat (cap)" in the first One Yard Wonders Book.



3)         Pensamientos Finales/Final Thoughts

Blue Skies Hat Sewing, Ideas for future hats and caps I hope and plan to make


I've got plans to take Wayne's 3 day workshops. Wayne Wichern's Millinery is in the San Francisco Bay Area. I took my first millinery class from Wayne. He also has a studio for more intense workshops and open labs. He's a wonderful man and teacher - http://meencantacoser.blogspot.com/2013/09/matters-millinery-making-my-own-hats.html


There's a pretty cloche-esque hat pattern in this magazine, which has a lot of other fun stuff as well.

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In my slow sewing July, I focused on sewing just one pink and white striped seersucker sleeveless blouse.  Like my  CA Summer skies shirt– (that was blue and white checked seersucker shirt ) I sewed and talked about last months show, my new sleeveless blouse, who I call Amaryllis (in honor of the musical, "The Music Man"),  has quickly become an important staple of my summer wardrobe. And sewing a few more blouses, as a result of what I thought and learned about sewing this most recent garment, is something I’m considering when it comes to more summer sewing.


In this month’s show


1)Pensamientos Primeros

Slow Summer Sewing – Budgeting my sewing time and energy and coming out on top by improving sewing skills. Increasing my wardrobe choices. It’s about Feeling satisfied with my sewing recreation time and output. The show notes (http://EnchantedBySewing.blogspot.com) include links to the slow living movement, including the slow stitching movement.

2) Entonces, Technicos y Mas

i) What’s a shirt what’s a blouse?

ii) About Amaryllis, a summer blouse

iii) Technicos –My Amarylis Blouse

-More Seersucker Sewing

-       Sleeveless blouse facings

-Seam Finishes - Cut and Pink

-Altering a shirt pattern to become a blouse


3)Pensamientos Finales Blue Skies Sewing

I can't sew it all at once, but I can dream

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Ench By Sew-021- CA Summer Skies Sewing


I know your June weather may not be the same as mine. Here in CA it’s time for summer skies, a little more heat, and a vacation feeling whether or not we’re able to leave town. (Hey,  feel free to post about what kind of sewing your climate inspires below!)


Sometimes I’m able to take an actual summer vacation and other years I focus on treating the summer like a vacation, even when I don’t leave the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live. This summer I was able to take a mini vacation weekend trip to Disneyland this year. As a matter of fact I just got back☺  I went with my beautiful, kind and funny , young adult daughter. Getting to bond her at this age is really fun!  I took along a newly finished garment from my summer wardrobe on the trip and I’ll talk more about sewing that in the show. I’m going to continue to focus on treating the rest of the summer like a vacation, no matter what I get to do. And I’m going to continue to sew for my summer vacation, no matter how far afield of home I manage to go.


This Month's Topics

- Planning my Summer Vacation Sewing

- What I've sewn for summer so far

- Technicos/Techniques for Sewing Seersucker

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Pensamientos Primero  

Reflecting on Making

For some people, sewing is just practical . For another segment of society, and I’m one of them, sewing is an important creative outlet that helps us to stay healthy and happy.

-Entonces /Then

She B. Coole

Live talk from our local Makers Faire includes extempore  interview with professional embroideress (Tapistres?) Barbara Coole (B. Coole)

oB. Coole Shares

•Thoughts on the realities of garment sewers investing both time and money into modern machine embroidery equipment and know-how

•Her advice on choosing an embroidery machine


-Pensimentos Finales:  What I’m thinking now, when it comes to my dream embroidery machine

~ ~ ~

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A bustier is an alluring garment, one many women would like to wear - if they dare. When I began to notice that women of all shapes, sizes and ages sewed and wore their bustiers with pleasure and pride, I decided to take a chance and learn to sew this very structured garment, that can be designed to flatter a wide variety of figure types.

Last month I talked about Cut and Cloth

This month I focus on Construction

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A bustier is an alluring garment, one many women would like to wear - if they dare. When I began to notice that women of all shapes, sizes and ages sewed and wore their bustiers with pleasure and pride, I decided to take a chance and learn to sew this very structured garment, that can be designed to flatter a wide variety of figure types.

This episode emphasizes Cut and Cloth. Next month's episode focuses on Construction.


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Is that garment you're sewing a shirt or a blouse? Is it the collar stand, or lack thereof that makes you decide one way or another? How about set-in sleeves versus dropped? Maybe it's your choice of fabric.... This month Laurel talks about her experiences creating her No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency Shirt, with a Butterick pattern that sometimes says shirt and other times blouse. She also discusses sewing techniques that say shirt, and chats a little about the history of shirts and shirty language (with special attention to a scene from a Harry Potter book ).


 This podcast is an extension of  my on-web sewing life journal Me Encanta Coser, a blog that tells the story of an arty-romantic plain sewist in CA. My blog is written in English. The blogs name, and occasional references, pays tribute to the beautiful Spanish language which is a part of both the history and modern culture of the San Francisco Bay area, where I live.

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Ench By Sew-16 Quinceañeras, Weddings and More

An interview with Esther, owner of a local sewing business, Tocci Quinces & More

Highlights of our conversation include:

- How Esther learned to sew on the job sewing in Mexico for a maquiladora in Mexico City and how her desire for a different life for herself and her daughters, motivated her to come to the US, where she trained for and worked at medical jobs for several years. 

- Eventual acquisition of her business

- Esther’s dreams, experiences and plans for the sewing and business education, that are helping her to grow her business.

- Flights of fancy from both ladies in regards to sewing inspiration for specialized Mexican techniques and garments.

Show Notes at http://EnchantedBySewing.blogspot.com, include links to cutural, artistic, and geographic resources.

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