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California Sewist seeks inspiration at the Victoria and Albert

In the June Enchanted by Swing podcast I shared some of my favorite sewist sights in London: Tana Lawn fabric at Liberty, street fashion and a trip to a special exhibit at Buckingham Palace.

Before the show returns to a California sewing scene,  I take you along with me on a tour of the Victoria and Albert fashion gallery. It's just like we're walking the floor together (and yes - we do take a tea break too), looking at all the details dear to a sewists heart. Did you see that cuff? How did they make those roses? What is giving that bodice it's structure? 

Yes, the sights and sounds (even some of my camera clicks) of the gallery are all there. It's an in-the-moment show.

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London's got what a sewist yearns for, historically inspired fabric and fashion, not to mention the regular inspirations we bring back from vacation tripping in an historically rich area. When this California sewist vacations in London she does more than promenade along the Thames. She visits historic Liberty to buy soft delicate Tana Lawn fabric and the Victoria and Albert to study historic fashion. She also looks both ways before she crosses the street (cuz she can never remember which way the traffic flows) to take camera phone photos of street fashion.

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In celebration of Mother’s Day… Laurel reflects on her own experiences with mother-daughter sewing. She also finds out that this relationship doesn’t always fit into a traditional pattern. This conversation with sewing cohorts, who happen to be related, may surprise you as much as it did the show hostess.

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This interview is about more than sewing, it's about a Californian who admits to having fun with her two teenage sons, drawn together by their shared joy in living history....What first drew me to Laura is that, in addition to costume sewing, she has a flair for  integrating elements of costume sewing into her daily wardrobe. She sews for well-known living history events, such as the Renaisance Faire and Civil War Reenactment Days. Our conversation about her experiences creating unique agreements for  local personal theater - the Nor C Cal Pirate Expo had us both laughing, and me reaching for the edit button when it came time to clean up this interview to keep this podcast rated 'clean'!

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Vests give freedom of movement, are a way to showcase fabric, and provide a touch of formality in a casual world. Includes a nod to history, vest patterns and technique for an alternative way to sew a lined or reversible vest . Pensamientos: Tutus vs. Tofu contrasts plain sewing basics with sewing enchantment.

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Our Best Holiday Issue Ever! Sewing Nightgowns, Robes, Men’s Nightshirts, and Ideas for Pajama Sewing. Laurel is a classic romantic when it comes to nightwear sewing. This month she shares some of her favorite night garment sewing patterns, thoughts on winter gown and robe fabrics, and an audio tutorial on sewing tucks.  The show also includes an informative interview with Anthony G., another student in the Cañada Fashion Sewing Program, some of which was surprising to Laurel when it came to what Anthony shared about natural fibers and Harry Truman!

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Reflections on trouser-wearing ladies in past, recent and modern times including Marie Antoinette, Katherine Hepburn and Doris Day, as well as Laurel's own memories of the struggles over changing cultural attitudes. Discussion of trouser patterns used by the hostess, ideas for sewing fabric and thread belt loops, and specialized techniques for creating in-seam pockets. Includes a lively interview-conversation with Sally-Ann, another student in the Cañada Fashion Sewing Program.

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Why I find dress sewing enchanting. How I’ve been working on making that enchantment both a time for special occasion sewingand also a time to add to the practical part of my regular, daily arty-romantic California wardrobe.

Includes reflections on dress fashion history as well as techniques for sewing a fitted facing at a dress neckline.


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1)  An extension of  my sewing blog http://MeEncantaCoser.blogspot.com

2)  Celebrating National Sewing month 

Personal Style, Designs, Building Sewing Skill Set

Short Interview with Kayla, a local fashion student

3)Tee Time – Sewing The ubiquitous tee shirt is the modern day equivalent of great-great grandmother's calico dress

4) Tee Time Patterns – New, Used and Altered

5) Tee Time Techniques with help from Kayla 

6) September Sewing Basket

7) Contact

Show Notes and Comments


8) Next Months Theme and Pensamientos on Sewing Enchantment

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