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Our Best Holiday Issue Ever! Sewing Nightgowns, Robes, Men’s Nightshirts, and Ideas for Pajama Sewing. Laurel is a classic romantic when it comes to nightwear sewing. This month she shares some of her favorite night garment sewing patterns, thoughts on winter gown and robe fabrics, and an audio tutorial on sewing tucks.  The show also includes an informative interview with Anthony G., another student in the Cañada Fashion Sewing Program, some of which was surprising to Laurel when it came to what Anthony shared about natural fibers and Harry Truman!

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1)  An extension of  my sewing blog http://MeEncantaCoser.blogspot.com

2)  Celebrating National Sewing month 

Personal Style, Designs, Building Sewing Skill Set

Short Interview with Kayla, a local fashion student

3)Tee Time – Sewing The ubiquitous tee shirt is the modern day equivalent of great-great grandmother's calico dress

4) Tee Time Patterns – New, Used and Altered

5) Tee Time Techniques with help from Kayla 

6) September Sewing Basket

7) Contact

Show Notes and Comments


8) Next Months Theme and Pensamientos on Sewing Enchantment

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