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In my slow sewing July, I focused on sewing just one pink and white striped seersucker sleeveless blouse.  Like my  CA Summer skies shirt– (that was blue and white checked seersucker shirt ) I sewed and talked about last months show, my new sleeveless blouse, who I call Amaryllis (in honor of the musical, "The Music Man"),  has quickly become an important staple of my summer wardrobe. And sewing a few more blouses, as a result of what I thought and learned about sewing this most recent garment, is something I’m considering when it comes to more summer sewing.


In this month’s show


1)Pensamientos Primeros

Slow Summer Sewing – Budgeting my sewing time and energy and coming out on top by improving sewing skills. Increasing my wardrobe choices. It’s about Feeling satisfied with my sewing recreation time and output. The show notes (http://EnchantedBySewing.blogspot.com) include links to the slow living movement, including the slow stitching movement.

2) Entonces, Technicos y Mas

i) What’s a shirt what’s a blouse?

ii) About Amaryllis, a summer blouse

iii) Technicos –My Amarylis Blouse

-More Seersucker Sewing

-       Sleeveless blouse facings

-Seam Finishes - Cut and Pink

-Altering a shirt pattern to become a blouse


3)Pensamientos Finales Blue Skies Sewing

I can't sew it all at once, but I can dream

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