Enchanted By Sewing

A denim-embellished, sewing inspiration, field trip to the San Franciso de Young Museum’s 50’th anniversary of the Summer of Love – at the de Young museum in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park, about 4 miles away from the Polo Fields where the Summer of Love’s Human Be In was celebrated.


So just step on in to your time portal of choice and …. Let it all hang out….


- We’ll start with…Pensamientos Primeros: Hey, had you realized that this summer marks the 50’th anniversy of the Summer of Love in San Franciso? Wow – Far Out Sister!


- Entonces  Un excursion / Then a field trip - Join me for a short field trip to the Summer of Love !


- Y en Pensamientos Finales/And in Final Thoughts : A Perpetual Summer  


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Xilocuatla - Nahuatl




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