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Ench By Sew-12 Dress Forms



My experiences creating a) a Duct Tape Dress Form (with a friend) b) a Uniquely You Dress Form (Instructor Judith Jackson) 

1)What is a dress form? (also see Sew Forth Now Podcast) 

2)Why I wanted a dress form3)Body Issues and your Team

4)Two types of dress forms I experienced


6)Materials (tools)   and Resources (web stuff)

7)Safety- Cautions about Standing - also -Working around kids - Two good reasons not to !


8)Social Comfort/Body Issues  and Your Team 

9)How I've used my dress forms and other Ideas for Use - Wedding/Special Occasion Sewing?

10) Technicos: In-depth details about how I made these two different styles of dress forms


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