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Ench By Sew-030: Hats Off to Downtown Abbey!

This Month's Show - Hats Off to Downton Abbey!

In this month's Enchanted by Sewing show, I talk about the role Downton Abbey played in inspiring  the hats I've been making. I also share what I've learned about how to make hats, and a variety of historical and modern links.


In this Month's Show

1)  Pensamientos Primeros – Making Hats -  inspired by Downton Abbey , and enabled by local milliner Wayne Wichern


Why do I love to watch Downton Abbey over and over ?

1) The Romantic setting

2) The fantastic British trained actors

3) The Fashions - my favorite part of Downton Abbey.

The best part of the those fashions? -  Hats! 


 2)  Technicos A summary of the Techniques I learned something about while making Hats with Wayne Wichern

3)  Pensamientos Finales – Pretty as a Picture Hat - Grandomther Lily’s Wedding 

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